Monday, August 31, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

You know that commercial, where the dad is taking his kids shopping for back-to-school, and they are in the office supply store and he is dancing all around, and they are playing that song. "It's the most wonderful time of the year", I can relate to that dad!!
My kids started school today. Yeah!!! I love summer, and I love my kids, but they are exhausting. After trying to do something educational, and stimulating all summer, I really have a new respect for teachers, home schoolers, and anyone in the child care industry. God bless them for all of the great work they do.

Anyway, I can't believe how big my kids are getting. JT is starting 5th grade this year.
Mackenzie is starting the 7th grade. She is becoming a little woman right before my eyes. She has always been kind of a jeans/sweats an t-shirt kind of a gal, but this year she wanted to "dress nicer". She now has a whole wardrobe of cute, girly clothes. We bought more school clothes for her than we have bought for the 2 of them put together in the past. She also got a lot taller this year, and her feet grew 2 sizes since the first of June. Jackson likes to watch the school bus pick up JT. He runs to the couch so he can look out the window, and watches it go all the way down the street. We will be doing some learning of our own with him this year.I have decided to do kind of a bento box lunches for the kids this year. It is a much healthier way to eat, and they won't be taking a lot of junk food. They both enjoyed their lunches today, and finished every last bite.
Today's lunch was whole grain biscuit pizzas, grapes, carrots and celery with ranch (in the little containers), sugar free vanilla pudding (the only pre packaged thing) and some pretzel goldfish, and a little jelly candy from Japan.

Tomorrow, these contain 2 corndog muffins, strawberries, carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli and ranch (the little containers), cheese cubes, dried fruit trail mix, and puffed rice krispy treat.
They helped make everything and pack it, so they can be a part of the whole process. So far, so good. I hope they continue to enjoy this process. I think they are kind of fun too!!!


Elise and Lane said...

I want to have lunch with your kids! You are such a great parent for giving them good lunch options! Right on!

vfg said...

So organized!
My kids hardly eat at lunch, so it's all pre-packaged for us (or big split into little tupperwares) because anything fresh just gets spoiled.

I think we need to have 4:00 dinners because they come home starving.

Beautiful lunches.

sallyavena said...

So I clicked on Valerie's link to your site and I must say I really like your ideas for lunches. My kids get so tired of sandwiches. 2 questions for you, where did you get those containers and where did you get the recipes? Also, where do you get your label/tags for your clothes? I've been looking for a place and haven't found one to my liking.

stgraham said...

Sally, I will have Valerie email you!!