Friday, March 26, 2010

Absolute Deliciousness!!

I have a new favorite dish! I have made this a few times now, and everyone loves it (me more than some).

Sweet Pork Taco's with Cilantro Lime Slaw

Now in my opinion, the meat itself is good, but nothing to write home to mom about (Mom, you should still try it), but what really makes this meal is the coleslaw! It gives it just the right POW that it needs! You should really tell your mom about this, and everyone else you know!
My family doesn't eat the slaw, because they are all picky, that just means more for me!!
When I eat this together it is like that sequence in Disney's Ratatouille when the Remy is describing the flavors to his brother, and when you put 2 different flavors together it is like fireworks. It really is that good!!
I found the recipe here at one of my favorite blogs, Make It And Love It

It looks really pretty with the red cabbage, but I usually use the green packaged coleslaw, because it is easier. I also add a little jalapeno and green onions to the slaw, and more lime juice, and my family eats the taco's with cheese. I like to have a little avocado and sour cream with mine too.

I highly recommend giving this recipe a try! It is DELISH!!!

Are you hungry?

How about some donuts?
or a little bowl of popcorn,
PB&J with chips?
or do you prefer a nice deli sandwich?
How about a breakfast for champions?
or a nice fruit tray
And of course, no meal at the Graham's house would be complete without pizza!
you just need to decide between cheese or combo, or maybe just pepperoni and mushroom?
And if you wish, you can pack it all up in a nice picnic lunch for on the go fun!
Are you hungry yet? This is some of the felt food that I made for Jackson's birthday gift. He loves to get it out and cook with it. I found some small utensils and bowls in the dollar sections at Target and Joann's, so he has some nice tools to use.
He also has a banana,with a removable peel, some carrots, a whole orange and a few other small pieces. So far it has been loads of fun! I feel much better with him playing with this stuff rather than the cheapo plastic junk that you get at the store.
Besides, it was all cooked up with love!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look Who's Two!!

Can you believe it has been 2 years since this little ball of energy came into our lives? Today we celebrated his birthday with friends. We had a really fancy party with Hot dogs and cupcakes. These weren't just any cupcakes, but cupcakes shaped like dinosaurs and vintage cars. (the crown was a little big, but he looks cute with elf ears!!)
Jackson had a special crown for the occasion. I matched his birthday shirt, and banner.
It is kind of hard to see, but this is a pretty cool banner that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It was fun to make.
This is Jackson's birthday cupcake. I found a really cute pan that has vintage car molds, and also one with dino molds. They turned out awesome!
Jackson playing with his gifts. The best was his own set of pots and pans, and a set of felt food that I have been making him. (I will post better pics of the food later)
You also get a better picture of his birthday shirt here too.
All of the guests got to decorate their own cupcakes. That way the could have a custom car. (and I didn't have to decorate them all myself)

This one belongs to JT. Talk about sugar overload!
Jackson enjoyed himself, especially the cake, and the oreo cookie wheels!

More monsters.

One more project for the monster bathroom. Who could resist going potty on this seat?
Looks good in the whole ensemble, don't you think?

A little bit O' green

Lunch for the kids on St. Patrick's day had to be green. Homemade green bread, green grapes, green snap peas, and green vanilla pudding with green sprinkles and little cookies in the green hearts!

What can you do with $1?

Hello, My name is Stephanie, and I am a clearance shopper. I never was a clearance shopper as a young person, but then I married Him, Mr. Clearance shopper himself, (aka Mr. cheapskate). Now it is my mission to browse the clearance racks at every opportunity I get. I have certain rounds that I make at my regular shopping haunts, places I know where I can find the best deals.

My latest find was a bunch of long sleeve T-shirts for the little guy, and they were only $1. Now That is a bargain, but who wants a plain old T-shirt when you can jazz them up a bit.


Admit it, you like jazzy clothes too.

So, I took these plain T-shirts, and made these....

front is an appliqued robot.
and back is freezer paper stencil painted
More freezer paper stencil painting.
And more appliques, and the back of the owl shirt says this...
And lastly, we have to have a cool shirt for our birthday,

And our favorite number is 2 of course!!
Now what will you use your $1 for?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is coming!!

I spent some time outside today with my little tree hugger. (he was literally hugging the tree) He loves being outside!
We cleaned out our front flower bed and unearthed these little pretties.
It is so nice to see some color other than white and brown, and after all of the snow we have had this year, I was getting a little sick of winter. (OK, a lot sick of it) I know that all of the cold isn't gone, and the warmer weather we have had in the past few days is really just a tease, but it does bring the promise of things to come.
So,my little nature lover and I (kissing the rock) wish you a happy Spring to come!!

Monsters everywhere

Remember the monster bathroom that my boys got for Christmas. Well, I am still trying to finish up a few projects to go into the bathroom that I didn't get done in time.

This first picture is really awful, but I couldn't get my model to hold still. I made a hooded towel that is just like one of the monsters on the shower curtain. It is really way too big for Jackson, but he is a growing boy.

Next up we have a monster bath mat. I am really pleased with how this turned out. It really adds some fun in the bathroom.
I made the bath mat using this........A fuzzy trick or treat bag,and this......leftover linoleum from the new basement bathroom, along with some scrap fabric.
Jackson thinks it looks like Cookie Monster so he calls it cookie all the time.

They grow up way too fast!!