Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bathroom re-do

This was my boys bathroom. Kind of icky, I know. The walls were a minty sea foam green, and made me nauseous every time I was in there, and the shower curtain had the same shades of green mixed with some blues. So anyway, I decided to re-do the bathroom to a more kid friendly, less nauseating, fun room. This is what it used to look like...
This is the new bathroom that the family woke up to on Christmas morning. Cute huh!!

The towel rack and hooks are made out of plumbing parts that have been spray painted black, and I also spray painted the light/toilet paper fixtures too. The best thing about this bathroom is that it was done very frugally! The monster shower curtain and other things were clearanced at Target during Halloween. The towels were clearanced from Walmart at back to school time, and plumbing fixtures are cheap! The black frames were clearanced at Kmart, and I cut apart a plastic monster place mat (Target) to put into the frames. I used a Halloween monster pillowcase and cut it apart to trim the towels so the match the monster theme. It all came together great! I still have a few other things I want to put in there, but for now, I am happy!

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vfg said...

It did turn out just super cute.
Love how the plumbing fixtures worked, too.

Very clever.