Saturday, December 5, 2009

The first snow

Today was the first snow of the season. We had to take advantage of the fluffy white stuff and play outside a little, and of course take some pictures. The kids built a snowman too, but I didn't get a photo before it got too dark.
Jackson enjoyed eating the snow. I caould barely get a pic without him putting his handful of snow in his mouth.
The kids are getting so big. I can't believe how grown up they look.

This may end up being our Christmas card photo, so if you see it again, don't be too disappointed.

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Jennie said...

Hi Stephanie!! I just got your Christmas card. I'm glad you have a blog. I'm not on facebook, but love blogs. Sounds like you are all doing well. Your kids are getting so big! Thanks again for sending your card. We miss you!
Jennie D.