Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Braggin on the Man

For those of you who don't know, I am married to a very talented and brilliant man!! My darling John (JJ) has just printed his first children's book. This story has been written for years, and has gone through many revisions and fine tuning processes. and now John has created his own publishing company, and had printed his very own book. His Publishing company is called FIGID Press (Finally I Got It Done). He has made a deal with a local restaurant here to exclusively sell his books through the holiday season. If you are local here in Pa, you can go to Pat & Carla's throughout the holiday season and get your own copy for $5. If you aren't local, you can email me and I can get you a copy.
This is a great book and is has spurred our family tradition for pizza on Christmas eve.

John has also written a comic book. It will be available next month Oct 10 and 11 at the Baltimore comic con. But again if you would like a copy, email me and let me know. This is an ongoing series, so this book is only the first. Get your copy for $4.I can't express how proud I am of the wonderful talents that my husband has put into use. He is quite the man!!
Order both of your copies now!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Funny Boy

Just thought I'd Share

Outdoor living

This Summer John has been working on building a treehouse for the kids. He is finally done!!(almost) It is a 2 story treehouse that is 6 ft wide by 10 ft deep and it is 16 ft at the highest piont.
He designed and completed the entire thing from start to finish.
It turned out great.
It even has some great yellow shag carpet for comfort.
It has screened in walls on the top part for air ventilation, and it will eventually have a window cut into the front panel. There is a rock climbing wall on the right side, and a built in ladder on the left.
I think he did a great job!!
Next project. Basement repair (damage estimates from the insurance agent: $15000)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

So I have been sewing like crazy lately. I am gearing up to do a craft show with some friends in a couple of weeks, and I have been trying to get things made to sell.
These first bags are actually what I made for a friends little girls birthday party. They are 41/2" goodie bags for her spa party. I made 15 of these.

Next I have pencil rolls. These each hold 12 colored pencils and roll up nice and tight and fasten with an elastic and button. they can be stowed in a backpack, or diaper bag, and don't take up much room.

These 2 purses I made for my friends daughters. They both have birthday's in September, and she wanted them each to have one. The insides are lined, and they have a total of 8 pockets.

This first bag is a lunch bag I made for Mackenzie. It is made with insulated batting to help keep her food colder longer.
I made a bunch of travel pillows. They are about 12x 16 and have a handle for convenient carrying. They also have a pocket that is big enough to hold a paperback book, or nintendo DS. These came in really handy for my kids travels this summer.
I am making travel checker boards to go along with the Tea sets and race tracks that I made earlier. These will fold up into a cute little carrying bag, and have coordinating wooden checkers to go with them.

My friend Valerie's baby boy Reuben just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his shoulder. He needed some "easy on" shirts to wear, so I made a couple of Kimono style tops for him (Bottoms for 1).
Add ImageI liked the Kimono tops, so I made a pair of jammies for Jackson. I used the leftover fabric pieces to make this quilt top and pillow top. The backs are made of extra soft plush minky fabric. I haven't decided if Jackson will get the blanket and pillow too, or just the jammies. I call it the "Crazy Turtle" set.

Anyway, I was sewing so much, that I killed my sewing machine, and had to buy a new one. So now I can sew even more.
I have been sewing on and off since mom taught us as youngsters, and learning in 4-H and Home Ec, but I have never considered myself much of a sewing person, but I have decided to accept that I am good at it, and maybe I can utilize this talent to benefit my family some. I have opened an online shop (www.steffistuff.etsy.com ) and am starting to do a few craft shows, and such. If I can earn a little money to help my family out, then I will become that "sewing person". Help me out and check out my shop.