Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Monday, December 28, 2009

Handyman Jackson

After the many household projects that John did around the house this year, Jackson found himself fond of tools. He wants to be like Daddy! So for Christmas Jackson got a tool set, and I had to make a tool belt and accessory bag to go along with it.
This little bag holds all of the little miscellaneous pieces that came along with the set.
The tool belt has pockets to carry all of the tools.
It even has a little hammer loop. And of course, it has to be personalized with his name. Now he is a regular tool man, just like Daddy!!

Jackson's Busy Book

This was one of the Christmas gifts that I made for Jackson. It was a lot of cutting and little pieces, but it was worth it. It will be great for church, and may even keep him from visiting our neighbors in the pew behind us.
The cover encases all of the pages and still has room to add more. I also added a pocket on the back for treats or tissues or whatever.
The pieces of the traffic sign comes off, so that the colors can be matched.
The flag swivels, and the letter inside is removable and addressed to Jackson.

My favorite is the farm. It turned out so cute, and inside is animal finger puppets.
The apples can come off and go into the basket. The puzzle pocket holds a fabric puzzle that is 2 sided.

The alien has face pieces that can be changed around and stored in the pockets.
The rocket slides up and down, and the robot has bendy arms, stretchy legs, and a zipper pocket belly.
Again, the balloons are matching colors.
This was fun to make, and I am pretty proud of myself.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Did Santa visit you?

He definitely visited our house!! We had an excess of gifts on Christmas. It took Jackson 3 days to open all of his gifts.

On Christmas Eve, we did our family tradition and made pizza to leave for Santa, and read John's book, No Sweets For Santa. The kids all got to open a gift, new Jammie's, and then sleep!

Nana came for Christmas again this year, and we had a special year as her brother Bert flew in from Florida, and her sister Barbara drove in from Connecticut. It was the first time they had all been together since their mother passed away nearly 20 years earlier. It was a great experience to have them all here.
Jackson stole Great Aunt Barbara's glasses, and decided to wear them.This is What the tree looked like after putting all of the gifts out, they are all stacked and shoved in there pretty good. Our boots, and stockings took up the whole couch, and were overflowing with gifts also!This is the aftermath, we were overflowing with gifts on the floor and taking over the table and spilling onto the floor. It was an unbelievable sight!Jackson's favorite gift was this barnyard and tractor set from Great Aunt Barbara. It is very cute, and it makes all of the animal sounds, and tractor noises. He has played with it non stop! (He also got many other toys and gifts which I will post later, because I made them)
We all got a Turbie Twist hair towels from Aunt Barbara.

The Yavorske siblings, together again!

Our Christmas was amazing! We all had a great time together, and way too much stuff and food. The only thing we weren't counting on was the bug we got that had us all vomiting and diarrhea the day afterwords. We are all good now, and hoping you all had a great Christmas too!

Bathroom re-do

This was my boys bathroom. Kind of icky, I know. The walls were a minty sea foam green, and made me nauseous every time I was in there, and the shower curtain had the same shades of green mixed with some blues. So anyway, I decided to re-do the bathroom to a more kid friendly, less nauseating, fun room. This is what it used to look like...
This is the new bathroom that the family woke up to on Christmas morning. Cute huh!!

The towel rack and hooks are made out of plumbing parts that have been spray painted black, and I also spray painted the light/toilet paper fixtures too. The best thing about this bathroom is that it was done very frugally! The monster shower curtain and other things were clearanced at Target during Halloween. The towels were clearanced from Walmart at back to school time, and plumbing fixtures are cheap! The black frames were clearanced at Kmart, and I cut apart a plastic monster place mat (Target) to put into the frames. I used a Halloween monster pillowcase and cut it apart to trim the towels so the match the monster theme. It all came together great! I still have a few other things I want to put in there, but for now, I am happy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The first snow

Today was the first snow of the season. We had to take advantage of the fluffy white stuff and play outside a little, and of course take some pictures. The kids built a snowman too, but I didn't get a photo before it got too dark.
Jackson enjoyed eating the snow. I caould barely get a pic without him putting his handful of snow in his mouth.
The kids are getting so big. I can't believe how grown up they look.

This may end up being our Christmas card photo, so if you see it again, don't be too disappointed.