Monday, December 28, 2009

Jackson's Busy Book

This was one of the Christmas gifts that I made for Jackson. It was a lot of cutting and little pieces, but it was worth it. It will be great for church, and may even keep him from visiting our neighbors in the pew behind us.
The cover encases all of the pages and still has room to add more. I also added a pocket on the back for treats or tissues or whatever.
The pieces of the traffic sign comes off, so that the colors can be matched.
The flag swivels, and the letter inside is removable and addressed to Jackson.

My favorite is the farm. It turned out so cute, and inside is animal finger puppets.
The apples can come off and go into the basket. The puzzle pocket holds a fabric puzzle that is 2 sided.

The alien has face pieces that can be changed around and stored in the pockets.
The rocket slides up and down, and the robot has bendy arms, stretchy legs, and a zipper pocket belly.
Again, the balloons are matching colors.
This was fun to make, and I am pretty proud of myself.


Sherry said...

That is really cute! Did you use a pattern, or make it up yourself?

vfg said...

Turned out great!
A good Christmas surprise for us: my mom made a quiet book for R. A younger audience than yours--more touch and feel than activity--but saves me this project...though it looks like such a fun one.

Well done.

stgraham said...

Sherry, I took inspiration from many other sources, and a lot of the pictures came from coloring books, or other kids activity books. I think the place I used most is
she has some great downloadable patterns.
It was fun to make, but a lot of tedious cutting of little pieces.