Friday, March 26, 2010

Are you hungry?

How about some donuts?
or a little bowl of popcorn,
PB&J with chips?
or do you prefer a nice deli sandwich?
How about a breakfast for champions?
or a nice fruit tray
And of course, no meal at the Graham's house would be complete without pizza!
you just need to decide between cheese or combo, or maybe just pepperoni and mushroom?
And if you wish, you can pack it all up in a nice picnic lunch for on the go fun!
Are you hungry yet? This is some of the felt food that I made for Jackson's birthday gift. He loves to get it out and cook with it. I found some small utensils and bowls in the dollar sections at Target and Joann's, so he has some nice tools to use.
He also has a banana,with a removable peel, some carrots, a whole orange and a few other small pieces. So far it has been loads of fun! I feel much better with him playing with this stuff rather than the cheapo plastic junk that you get at the store.
Besides, it was all cooked up with love!

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vfg said...

Oh my oh my
the hours of work
that picnic basket!