Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday with an Asian flair

Today was Mackenzie's birthday party. Can you believe she turned 12 last week.
Anyway, we chose to have a party with an Asian theme. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun too. We had Bento box lunches with a combination of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The girls didn't eat a lot, but it was meant to be for them to just try something new anyway. They tried steamed dumplings, egg rolls, soba noodles, and fruit. I also made some California rolls, but no one dared try. They also had Japanese Pocky sticks (biscut type sticks dipped in flavored coating) They ate with chopsticks, and became very goofy.

Then we made some glass tile necklaces, rings, and magnets. Not really and Asian craft, but we did use Japanese papers, and what little girl doesn't like jewelry, right.
Audrey came a little late, but she still got to do the fun too.

These were what they made. Pretty,huh.The girls had a fun time playing Rockband for a little while. It was quite funny listening to them trying to do all of the parts.
Then they had a pillow fight with the bum cushions that I made for them to sit on.

eating their Bento's.Kenzie opening gifts
I made each of the girls and individual cake. The Japanese Kanji is the symbol for friendship. They were tasty as well as pretty!
These were takeout boxes with a chocolate dipped fortune cookie in them. The also had another takeout box full of Japanese candies.
It was a lot of fun, but I am now exhausted!!!

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Elise and Lane said...

What a fun theme party- all the girls are getting so big and grown up! I can't believe it!