Friday, August 21, 2009

Living in Shambles

We have had a little leak in our basement. Our a/c had a build up of ice on the outside of the unit, and when we turned it off, it thawed. Now, our basement floor was built up about 2 inches from the concrete, so all of the water went underneath the flooring, so it was not visible to us from the beginning. We noticed it from the inside of a closet that was not built up. Luckily our insurance will cover it, but we do have our deductible to pay. Anyway, it turns out that our house is on somewhat of a slope, and all of the water ran down to the corner of Mackenzie's room and puddled there. We have had a company in tearing apart our basement, trying to find all of the wet and dry it out. So we have these giant fans blowing in the basement, and Mackenzie will be bunking with Jackson for a while. Our insurance adjuster can't come out until the 1st of Sept, and I don't know how long the fans will be here. Doesn't it just sound fun!!

Mackenzie's room.

The hallway.
The big room. All of Kenzie's belongings are shoved in there too.
Where the trouble began.

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