Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to school prep

School time is rapidly approaching, which means that the kids need to pack lunches, that means Mom has to hear the ever present question of "whats for lunch today?". I want them to eat a little healthier than they did last year, and not have so many prepackaged convenience foods, but on the other hand I enjoy convenience. My kids also are not huge fans of having a sandwich every day, so we needed to solve that problem too.
My solution, utilize my muffin tins and freezer to their fullest abilities. So I have been cooking a lot this week. Here is a little of what I made.

Corn dog muffins
: cornbread muffins with cut up hot dogs and cheese (I used turkey cheddar sausages instead) yield 36
Mini zucchini muffins with mini chocolate chips: yield 136
Bacon swiss quiches: yield 24
Ham and swiss quiches: yield 24
Biscuit pizzas: yield 24 ( but the family ate some for lunch today, and I only ended up with 6, so I have to make another batch to freeze)
Taco cornbread muffins: yield 24

All of these items can be eaten cold, and when paired with some fruit and veggies, should make a nice little lunch. I have really been fascinated by Bento Box lunches lately, so I am going to try a little of that this year. We'll see how it goes.

I also made 20 breakfast burrito's for the freezer (this is a regular thing) so that John has something nice for breakfast when he has to get up at 3:30 for work. Nuke them for a few minutes, and you have a nice hot meal.

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