Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farm Show Fun

A couple of weeks age we attended the Pennsylvania Farm Show. This is a BIG event here in our area. Basically it is a fair with a ton of farm animals, and all aspects of farm life. It was quite an event! Tons of people.
We saw a lot of different animals. Jackson pet a lot too, and he promptly stuck his fingers up this cows nostril. I know, gross!! To make it worse, he sucked on his fingers the rest of the day without them being properly washed.
This is the famous butter sculpture. Every year they have a different one, all made out of butter.
We saw a lot of Alpacas.
JT wanted to "pet a cow, hug a sheep, and poke a pig" I think he did all three.
I think the kids all enjoyed it. Don't they look thrilled?

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