Friday, February 26, 2010

another snow day.....

.......another craft.

These floral barrette's and headbands are all the rage lately. I see them all over blogland, and have a few other friends that have made them too. They are super simple to make. Just take some synthetic fabric (organza, acrylic, satin,etc..) cut out circles of different sizes, run the edges over a flame of a candle or lighter, and assemble. The edges melt and naturally curl into a cup shape, then you stack the cups together in descending sizes, and they make beautiful frilly flowers. Then if you like, take beads or sequins and stitch to the center. Wala... pretty flowers. You can stitch the flowers to barrettes, or headbands, or even to a shirt, or necklace. They are very nice and add a cute feminine touch.This is Natasha's finished barrette.
And Alena's.
Kenzie was trying to thread her needle.
Here is just a few of our finished frillies. Perfect activity for yet another snow day!

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vfg said...

I especially like the blue-and-white blossoms on the headband. A lovely grouping!