Monday, February 22, 2010

All done!!!

Do you remember the snow day projects that I started during the great "snowmaggeddon" that we had in the last few weeks. Well there is still snow outside (how long will it take for 3 feet of snow to melt),
But the projects are finally done.

Here is Jackson's new table and chairs, chair pads and all. I painted them, and then sanded the edges for a more rustic look. The table started out brown, but I decided that color wasn't right, so I used leftover blue from Jackson's bedroom walls, and painted the table blue, but the inside is the same green as the chairs. I am debating about painting a chalkboard on the table, but John doesn't like that idea. He thinks it will encourage him to draw on the furniture. I still think the table top needs something.
I did a little detail stitching on the chair pads, and made a cute felt applique that matched the fabric print. I did 4 of each turtles and snails. The chair pads are reversible, with yellow and snails on one side, and white and turtles on the other.

Here is a look at the chairs, one with each side of chair pad showing.

The chair has a shelf on the bottom, and a storage cubby under the seat. Jackson likes to put all kinds of treasures there.
Yesterday, Jackson enjoyed his first snack at the table. The furniture turned out quite large, his feet don't even touch the floor. He should be able to use these for a long time. JT even sat at the table with him yesterday.
As long as I can keep him from climbing on top of the table, we should be fine. I think he likes them!!


Elise said...

I love it! And what a good idea with the cushions!

vfg said...

They're really great.
I always think the _idea_ of chalkboard paint is great, but keep coming back to this: I don't like the feel of the paint or the chalk on my fingers. Just kind of icky. There are a lot of things you could do with the top, of course, but my first thought was this: continue the green/blue combination & paint the edge of the tabletop green. I think it would break up the blue, but also help tie in the green inners.

vfg said...

Or red--matching the covers.