Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzards and Stone Soup

Winter here in Pennsylvania is often very cold, and usually snows, but nothing like this!! PA has been declared in a state of emergency today due to the wonderful blizzard that we had last night. I think we totaled around 15-18 inches in our area(Ok officially it was 21"), but there are drifts up to 4 1/2 feet. I also so a pic of some near us that measured 22 inches( they have dubbed this storm "snowpocalypse 2010). John works weekends, and tried to go to work this morning, and after shoveling the car out of our driveway, he made it about 4 houses down the street, before getting stuck in a neighbors driveway.

This is what Jackson looked like in a shallow drift, and below is me on our back deck. It is past my knees.

So, What is a kid to do with snow like this? Make an extensive cave and tunnel system of course!! All of the kids on our street congregated in front and built some pretty cool snow caves!
This is the snow drift up the side of the van.
The girls were all cold, so they huddled together and all tried to stand over the heat register together. So what are cold kids supposed to eat on a day like today? Stone Soup!! I invited them all to participate and bring something to donate to our soup, I even added a real stone!!
Jackson was my little Chef's apprentice, and helped me put the chopped veggies into the pot.

We enjoyed our soup with homemade whole wheat bread (with red swirls for Valentines day). One kid told me that he doesn't usually like wheat bread, but mine was good, and I have to agree, it is pretty darn good!
All of the kiddies enjoyed their meal. I think all but one had multiple bowls of soup and pieces of bread. One of the moms down the street made chocolate chip cookies and brought to share too. Not a bad way to spend a snow day!!!

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