Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Jammies!

This fall Kenzie's band played with the Shippensburg University band at one of their football games. At the game they were handing our these free T-shirts. They were plain except for this saying on the back.I decided to use these to make something else.

New Jammie for the little guy. Now trying to get him to hold still long enough to take a good picture of them is a real challenge, but they turned out cute!

I used the existing neckline and collar so that part was easy. I also used the bottom hem that was already there for the ham on the pant legs, so less work for me there too! I just traced around some pants and shirt that we already had, and cut out the basic shape. I traced the sleeves separately, and then sewed them on after. As for the saying on the back, I added this green stripe with some scraps from a different project, and then I used some scrap orange to make the snake. The snake kind of wraps around to the back of the shirt too.
It turned out cute, and only took me about an hour to sew all together. The best part is that it was all FREE!!!!