Monday, February 22, 2010

Do not be decieved....

This little face, this cute grin, the infectious giggle, and the funny little words he says, It is not what it seems. This boy is trouble!!
Jackson is such a little smarty pants! He has so much energy, and he is so very smart. He looks innocent enough, but that little mind of his is thinking about what he can get into next.
He won't be 2 for another 3 weeks, but he is already perfecting the art of temper tantrums.
He can point out many numbers and letters by name, and he can throw like a pro ball player.
The other 2 kids are smart too. JT is a math and construction genius, and Mackenzie has been on the honor roll for a year, but this little guy is very, very advanced for a nearly 2 year old.
I can't decide if he keeps me young, or makes me feel really old. He definitely keeps me on my toes!!
No matter how much trouble this little guy is, you can't help but love him! He really is the center of attention at our house, and he brings us all so much joy!

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vfg said...

So fast.

Clay animals this Friday. Want to come?