Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family Photo's

Isn't that just the cutest family you have ever seen?! Well I think so! This is the first real family photo we have had taken since Jackson was born. We had them taken by a young lady in our ward when she was home for the holidays from college. She is really quite talented.

Jackson wasn't very cooperative that day, so there aren't too many of him.

Both Kenzie and JT's photo's look great!

I wish Jackson was in the above photo, but he was being difficult!
And of course we had to have a picture of Nana too!!

It was fun having them taken at home. A lot of them were taken on the bean bags and the rest out in the yard. I would like to post them all, but I think 92 photos is a little excessive!!


lauragray said...

Wow! you guys are such a cute little family! It was fun to see you all family banding! you know i really love your photography, i like it, keep it up.

Carol said...

Steph--the pictures turned out great! Even I look good! You do such a nice job with the blog. Love your new bag too!

vfg said...

I like how happy you all look; our family photos are usually of the "take the picture!!!!!" forced smile variety. Which is why there are so few.

Love them.
Also Jackson's sweater. I've spent lots of time today online trying to find Reuben a cable knit sweater one-piece and so am a bit knit obsessed...