Saturday, January 9, 2010

My new fabulous bag!

Today I made this little beauty just for me!! After making bags for other people, I decided it was my turn. I am very pleased!! It is gorgeous!

It has 2 outside pockets, and long enough straps to put over your shoulder. (forgive the photo's taken in poor lighting)
If you look on the side of the pocket you can kind of see my steffistuff label
The inside lined bag has a drawstring to close it up, and 3 pockets on the interior.
The best part is that the drawstring liner is removable!! That means I can use the liner for baby friendly activities, and carry around diapers, toys etc. Then if I ever get a day out baby free, I can remove the liner, and just take the bag part, and I don't need to transfer everything!!
It turned out great! I must brag a little and say that my sewing skills have greatly improved, because this is Fabulous!!
These photo's just don't do it justice. It truly is beautiful! I enjoyed making it too! If you want one, let me know, I'll make another!!


Jennie said...

So Cute Stephanie! I love the colors, too. Do you make and sell stuff all the time? How much do you charge for that bag? I would love one for when we have another baby! Jennie D. in Utah

stgraham said...

Hey Jennie,
Thanks. I do sell a lot of what I make. I did a large order of purses this past fall for a friends wedding party (13 total, and I also did goodie bags for another friends daughters birthday, 15 tiny totes. I have a shop on Etsy, I have a line of fabric travel kids toys that I sell there, but my shop is pretty empty right now. I haven't had a chance to restock since the holiday's. I also make baby blankets too.
This bag measures about 11x13, but the removable liner is a couple of inches taller. I can also make it bigger too. This size I would have to charge $75. I have also made a messenger style diaper bag too, with a ton of cool features.

Sherry said...

That is so cute! I've been thinking of knitting up a bag since mine broke this last week.

vfg said...

I love how much you love this.

Feels so good to make something that works out JUST RIGHT.