Monday, October 26, 2009

The Graham Lounge

Remember this ?
All the wonderful messes we had in our basement, well we aren't completely finished yet, but now we have this...
and this... (new carpet)

(new cabinets, still some to be put in)
And in lieu of putting our big bulky furniture back in, we have these. 2 ginormous been bag chairs, and 1 small one. One is 7' and the other is 6'. The kids just love them, and both big kids have asked if they can sleep in them instead of their beds. John also said he wants to sleep in them. John also made a built in DVD bookcase to hold all of our movies. Now we have a nice lounge in the basement where we can watch movies and hang out. I also have a nice crafty area down there where I can work on different projects.
Mackenzie's room and the bathroom haven't been done yet, but the rest of the basement is once again functional.

There is still a lot to be done, (like recovering this chair) but it looks like there is an end in sight!!


vfg said...


And I LOVE the beanbags: source?

stgraham said...

I got them on Ebay,(cheaper there) but they are from the Cozy Sac company out of Florida. They are tons of fun, and really comfy!!