Monday, October 12, 2009

Doin' Business

So a few weeks ago I posted a picture on my facebook account of those little bags I made for my friends daughters birthday, (remember these) anyway, another friend that we know in Texas, is getting married next week, and she emailed me and wanted me to make a few for her wedding party gifts (you know, bridesmaids and flower girls). It started out as 5 bridesmaids, and 2 flower girls, but then she decided she wanted more for the rest of her friends and herself. Another 5 were added to the order. Then she added 1 more friend. Now other than the original 7 for the wedding party, the rest didn't have to be finished before the wedding, but being as good as I am (haha) I finished all 13 purses, and had them shipped by Oct 6th.
These are bigger than the tiny goodie bag size, and they all have zipper closures. They are all made out of different fabrics, so each one is unique. 11 of them are 9x12 size, and have 6 outer pockets, and 1 or 2 inside pockets. 2 of them are about 8x10 (for the flower girls) and also have the same pockets.

It was a lot of work, nut I enjoyed making them, and selling them.Thus one is for the bride. I sent pics of all of the fabric I already had, and she let the girls all pick their favorite pattern. They didn't know what was being made out of the fabric though.
I even had scraps, and enough time to make each one a luggage tag that matched. I printed their names on a card and of course added my business card as well.
I must say, I am pretty proud of myself!

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I blame my uselessness on my baby--but somehow you can function with yours !?

well done.