Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Activities

This summer I am determined not to let go to waste. I don't want the kids to just waste their time, so I decided to do at least 1 educational activity every day (excluding weekends) So this is what we have done so far.

We did leaf prints by covering the plant pieces with muslin and hammering the pigments out. Some turned out great, others, not so much.

Jackson liked to hammer too.

Next we made a flower press. I cut the wood to size, and drilled holes for the large screws. JT helped to cut the cardboard pieces, and I cut some newsprint paper to size too. We assembled it all with paper in between the cardboard pieces, and wood on both ends, fastened it with wing nuts, and it is ready for flowers.

Not a bad start to the summer I think. Check back to see what comes next!!

1 comment:

vfg said...

So MAH-velous. The Japanese maple (?) is particularly great.

I cannot believe I haven't yet graduated from phone books to a "real" press. Fantastic.

R & I got home from the stinky hospital today and our awesome summer starts tomorrow.