Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ruby Red Deliciousness

I love my neighbors. They have the most beautiful garden. Every year Theo tells me that she isn't going to have a big garden, because it is too much work, but every year it seems to get bigger.
I love the fact that they go on vacation this time every year, and I have garden duties. The best part of these duties include picking the great produce that is ripe. This time of year it isn't much, but I did get about a quart of peas, and the best part of all I picked about 2 quarts of ruby red delightful, delicious, lovely little raspberries. I get all giddy and excited to go into their garden and come out with this beautiful reward (my kids think I am crazy).
I can't wait to go back tomorrow and pick some more.

My dinner tonight consisted of a handful of freshly shelled peas, and a bowl of delectable red beauties with a little cream (left over from our butter making). What a great summer meal.
I even wrote a haiku about raspberries.

Ruby red beauties
Growing in the garden sun
Raspberries, oh yum.

I am content!!

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