Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We just returned from an amazing trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we paid our respects and said goodbye to our dear Papa and father. John wanted his ashes put into "the swimmin' hole". In the Grand Teton National Park, there is a place called Jenny Lake, and on the hike up to the lake there is a beautiful spot where the river has some falls that go into a beautiful pool that looks out onto the lake. This has been a special sot for the Graham family for many years. We always hike there and swim in the pool. Could you ask for a more beautiful spot for your final resting place?

John was a rock collector. whenever he found an unusual rock, or one from a special place, he would cart it home. In that tradition we all carried a rock from our home to throw into the swimmin' hole when we said our goodbyes. A friend also etched the large stone with his name and dates on it. John always wore baseball caps too. On our hike, each of us wore one of his many hats in his honor, and got to keep them to remember our Papa.

We couldn't have asked for a better day to honor him. The weather was perfect, and it was John's birthday, and the whole family was there to share in this special day. We loved John Graham and miss him, but he will always be in our hearts.

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