Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cherry Pickers

Today's activity was a field trip to a local orchard for some Cherry picking. We participated in a pick your own outing. Both the big kids were saying "yuck, I'll pick them if I don't have to eat them", but after tasting a few, they decided that they really like cherries (minus the pitts).
They really enjoyed this activity, It was a lot of fun to see who could get the most in their buckets, and who could find the biggest cluster of cherries. JT climbed the tree and found the ripest cherries at the top.
Even Jackson got in on the action. He enjoyed eating some too, the evidence is all over his face (top photo). We are looking forward to going back in about 2 weeks to pick Apricots (yummy) Later we will be baking some delightful treats with our well earned rewards (not sure what we will make, but we will let you know).

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vfg said...

Wow. You are doing so well with your summer!

We'd love to join you (ie, I'd love to haul along my reluctant family) on your next picking expedition. Maybe the girls would complain less w/ friends along. I'm planning blueberries on Friday...