Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Mac Jackson had a farm

This is another fun project that I have been working on for my little farmer boy. The barn was a lot of work, but the animals weren't too bad. They are the perfect size for his chubby little hands. If you ask Jackson the cow says "Boooooo"


vfg said...

I saw this in person today and it is SO GREAT!
(especially the goat, of course)

Elise and Lane said...

Love it! Do you free hand all of your stuff or do you get the ideas from somewhere? Either way do share!!

sgraham said...

Elise, I got the pattern for the barn somewhere, but I changed it a bit. I saw the animals in another place too, but made them freehand without any patterns. They were really easy, and all the kids like them.
I'll make you a goat Val.