Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Again

Well we are back. We had a good trip to visit the beautiful great smoky mountains of North Carolina. It was a long drive, even longer than usual with the baby. I forgot how much you have to do for babies, they are so demanding with the feeding and diaper changing. I appreciate how the older kids can wipe themselves! Even with all of the extra stops, we did pretty well. All of our kids travel well, even Jackson. Our cabin was just georgeous. It had great space and plenty of sleeping room, we could have had at least 4 more people with us(even with Liz and Brian with us). The kids had their own room that had a bunk bed as well as two separate twin beds. Liz and Brian had a queen sized bed, and we had a King sized bed, and our room had space for the play pen and well as a chair and ottoman, and large dresser. The cabin also had a futon that could have been folded out to sleep 2 more. There was a lot of other furnishings, and plenty of room to move around. The deck wrapped around 2 sides of the cabin, and had a great view. The only problem was that the stairs and floor creaked very loudly (no one could sneak out). We were at the top of a steep hill on the side of the mountain. The surrounding area was beautiful. georgous mountains, and loads of things to do, of course we didn't do any of them. We stopped at a cave system on the way home and took a tour of that and a wax museum. I carried Jackson in a carrier strapped to my chest. He is a heavy kid. Jackson was mesmerized inside the cave, he just kept staring at all of the stalactites and stalacmites. Then he fell asleep in the carrier on the way out. It was very cute. Mackenzie and JT enjoyed it also. Kenzie recently went to some caves while on her girl scout camp out, so she was very informed of all of the formations in the cave.
We went to NC to check out the area to see if we would like to move there. Target is building a new distribution center in the area that we visited, it will have all kinds of new technology and new stuff that John is interested in, so we thought we would take a look at the place to see if we would like it there. So far no decisions have been made, and won't be finalized for a few months, so we'll keep you posted on that.
Now that we are home, we are back to the usual grind. The big kids asking every day if we can go swimming or do something else, and John ripping apart the deck and trying to be mister handyman and rebuild it himself.
Jackson found his voice this week. He now is always talking and cooing and almost yelling so that we can all hear him. He also learned how to blow bubbles with his lips and is always getting spit all over. We always put a bib on him now. He has almost mastered the art of rolling over, I think anyday now he will do it all of the way. He is very spoiled and has all of us wrapped around his little fingers, especially Mackenzie. (she hates to hear any wimpers) I just wish we could get his napping schedule down. He still doesn't take more than a 30 minute nap at a time, it is quite aggrivating sometimes.
John and I have made a new resolution to be healthy again. John has enlisted the big kids to help, by bribing them with $1 each for each pound lost. That way they quit asking for the bad stuff and eventually they eat the healthy stuff too. JT is very good with his veggies, but Mackenzie needs a little more prompting. We did pland a small container veggie garden and she seems a little excited about that. She likes to watch the things grow, hopefully she will like to eat them also.
Well that's all for now. Here's to everyone being healthy and happy.

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