Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another whirlwind weekend

Last weekend was very busy. We left right after school got out on Thursday, and didn't stop until Saturday night. We went to Philly, then had a little jaunt down to Baltimore before heading home. Now my pictures are backwards, so we'll start at the end and work our way back from there. ( I'm too tired, or lazy to fix it)
Daddy and Jackson taking in the sights.
Saturday morning we drove to Baltimore to see a They Might Be Giants family concert. We went early enough to spend a little time in the Inner Harbor. We didn't really do a whole lot in the Inner Harbor, but it was a great place for lunch, and a little fun.
The kids have always wanted to do a paddle boat ride, so we decided they were old enough to go for a spin. I think they enjoyed it.
We had to take a picture at the Rams Head stadium where the concert was held. They Might Be Giants has always been one of John's favorite groups, and he and I have been to numerous concerts ourselves, but they have been geared toward children's albums for the past few years, and their concerts are geared to please the whole family. I honestly think that Kenzie and JT were the oldest kids there. There were tons of toddlers, and I think the average childs age was probably 4. Jackson enjoyed it too. He asks to listen to Giants when we are in the car, and he even sings along with the songs. Their songs are educational as well as fun.
The real reason for the trip to Philly was for John and JT to attend another comic convention. Kenzie, Jackson and I spent time sight seeing, and shopping. The whole family did have time to see some of the historical sights together as well. We spent some time in the gardens at Liberty Hall, and admired the buildings. We also saw a couple of other gardens near by, a rose garden, and magnolia garden.
We went to see the Liberty bell too. Pretty cool.
We took a stroll through China Town, and stopped in a few shops.
One of the best parts of Philly, is Liberty Park. It is a gorgeous park, with mini golf, a carousel, fountains, and an awesome modern playground.
This playground had an area for the littler kids, and some really cool jungle gym type equipment, that really looks like modern art. JT and Kenzie had fun spinning on this thing.... I am not sure what to call it.

Jackson just loved the slide, and I love what it did to his hair.
He also learned to swing himself on the bars. He is getting so big, so fast.
Everyone enjoyed the carousel. Kenzie picked the Elephant and the eagle (The nice lady let them keep riding multiple times)
Jackson and Daddy rode the seal, and the bench seat.
JT rode the eagle and a dragon horse thing. He made friends with this boy, whose mom ran the carousel.
John made friends too. It was a fun filled trip, hopefully one of many this summer!

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