Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Visiting Nana!

Mackenzie and Jackson with Nana after church on Easter.

Mackenzie, Jackson and I flew to Arizona for Spring Break with Nana. It was Jackson's first plane trip, and I definitely couldn't have done it without Mackenzie to be my helper. She was wonderful at the airport and on the plane to help entertain Jackson.
We visited a lot of neat places in Arizona. a nice quilt exhibit at a museum, an Olive press, the flea market, and of course Organ Stop Pizza.

Organ Stop Pizza is a great place with an old fashioned organ with tons of pipes and sounds. The organist plays a medely of music while you eat, and it sounds like an entire orchestra is there. It was great to listen to, and the pizza was good too.

Jackson had the best time playing with the Easter eggs. He spent hours just moving the eggs from one spot to the next, and one basket to the other. He cried when we took him away for lunch.

we took a trip out to Queen Valley where Nana and Papa used to live and work. We visited a lot of people and ate lunch by the pool. Jackson loved to put his feet in the pool and splash. He would have been all in it if we let him. He didn't want to leave there either.
We looked at the cactus that was planted as a memorial for John (Papa) when he passed away. It was very nice, and they had a great plaque made.

Jackson was a phenomenal child on the trip. He was very well behaved on the plane, and everywhere we took him. I couldn't ask for a better, more flexible child. He is always so happy, and easy going wherever we go. All of the "old folks" in Arizona just loved him. (John told me not to let them suck up all of his youth while we were there). Mackenzie was very good too, like always, and such a big helper.

Jackson's first plane trip.
We had a great time visiting Nana, and can't wait to see her again in May!
Love You Nana!!

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